Safety Mattress Cover Will Reduce the Risk of Fall from Hospital Bed

Scoop  Mattress Cover is the most convenient way to protect your family member from a bed fall.  Scoop Mattress Cover can be used with or without the bolsters. Our covers are foam raised sides and sized to fit over hospital sized mattresses (80 in x 36 in x 6 in). This unique scoop design assists low risk people by giving them a barrier from rolling out of bed.  Our cover gives family members a sense of security too, knowing accidents are less likely.

Center Bed Egress

Your loved one can also be easily assisted to get out of bed with our center bed egress.

Our safety mattress cover is quality materials and our pricing fits most budgets.  We deliver to your home, and shipping is free! Our mission is to provide reliable products to help with restless sleeping issues. We have always had a commitment to improve the quality of life for our customers and their families.  With over 60 years of combined healthcare experience, we value the trust of our customers. We pride ourselves on putting their needs first. Scoop Mattress is a retail business only. We do NOT bill for insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.